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Hello! I have been a Landscape/Nature Photographer since 2006. I finally compiled my best images from my time living in the Pacific Northwest. Someone emailed me once to say that my love of nature really showed through my work.

I have fond memories of my time in Oregon, and Idaho. Most don’t know that Idaho has a Desert. Most just think potato fields. Oregon and Idaho are the two most scenic places I know in the United States. Boise has three major parks all on the same street.

Oregon has the most amazing coastline, and trees! In my e-book, you will see sunsets, dusk and storm lighting, and photos from the Parks in Boise, as well as a few wide range shots.

Read more about the photos, in: The Story Behind My E-Book

The photos are cropped to fit the page digitally.


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I am more than just a Photographer. I am an Abstract Expressionist Artist, Freelance Writer, and I am trying to raise funds for artistic pursuits. Read my blog post: Here

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